Overview Types of Waste and Waste Flows

All wastes are not created equal. Although the aforesaid common terms are also used by waste management experts, waste management necessitates that subtle distinctions be made between the various types of waste. All in all there are 842 different types of waste.

  • Batterien
    Batteries for appliances, vehicles and industry

    Waste batteries

  • Mehrere defekte Autos stehen übereinander
    Environmentally sound disposal

    End-of-life vehicles

  • Altglas
    Glas as an ideal material for recycling

    Waste glass

  • Altholz
    Waste wood to produce energy

    Waste wood

  • Medikamente auf einem Haufen
    Disposing of waste medicines

    Waste medicines

  • Industrieöl
    Strict regulations on disposal of waste oil

    Waste oil

  • Geschreddertes Papier
    Waste paper is a valuable resource

    Waste paper

  • Information for craftsmen and trader

    Construction waste

  • Komposthaufen im Garten
    Recovering biowaste as an essential part of recycling

    Organic waste

  • A diverse and very dynamic product group

    Waste electrical and electronic equipment

  • Klärschlammbehandlungsanlage
    Municipal sewage treatment plants

    Sewage sludge

  • Zentraldeponie Cröbern
    Processes and monitoring

    Municipal waste

  • Diverser Verpackungsmüll
    Part of our daily life and used for many purposes

    Packaging waste

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