Cookies policy

Cookies are short text files that store information from a website or domain on your computer for a period of time and send it back to the server when the site is visited again.

Most browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. Users can deactivate or reset this function in their browser so that cookies are deleted once the browser has been closed. Cookie information is not combined with personal data.

Only necessary technical cookies are used when accessing the BMUV website. The session cookies used on this page do not contain any personal data and are deleted once the form is submitted or the browser is closed. The information recorded in the cookies is not combined with personal data.

Some website functions do require the use of cookies to work properly:

Cookies for ordering publications

To order publications from our website, a cookie is required to store publications in the cart and transfer them to the ordering process. No personal data is processed in this case. 

Cookie for login functions

To log in for certain website functions, for example downloading the corporate design manual, a cookie must be set. When logging in, it is recorded in the cookie that you successfully logged into the website meaning that you do not have to log in again for every subpage you visit. When you log out, the cookie is deleted.

Policy-making in dialogue

Good environmental and consumer protection policies are achieved when they are a joint endeavour. Get in touch with us, or get involved through one of our options for dialogue.