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This page provides information for press inquiries. Please use the general press contact information to send us a message. You can also directly contact one of the specialised press spokespeople with questions about a specific topic.

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+49 (0)30 18 305-2010 or +49 0228 99 305-2010

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection
Division P II 1 - Press
Stresemannstraße 128-130
10117 Berlin

Speaker of the minister

  • Ulrich Schulte

    Speaker of the minister

Head of Press Office

  • Portraitbild von Andreas Kübler

    Andreas Kübler

    Extension: -2012


  • Svenja Kleinschmidt

    Extension: -2019

  • Porträt von Astrid Scharf

    Astrid Scharf

    Extension: -2015

  • Porträt von Christopher Stolzenberg

    Christopher Stolzenberg

    Extension: -2011

  • Iris Throm

    Extension: -2017

  • Porträt von Bastian Zimmermann

    Bastian Zimmermann

    Extension: -2013


  • Berivan Kilic

    Extension: -2010

Administrative office

  • Porträt von Anne-Marie Behr

    Anne-Marie Behr

    Extension: -2010

  • Portraitbild von Anne Riedeberger

    Anne Riedeberger

    Extension: -2010

  • Porträtfoto Matthias Wailersbacher

    Matthias Wailersbacher

    Extension: -2010

Media analysis

  • Portraitbild von Sascha Hilgers

    Sascha Hilgers

    and photographer

    Extension: -2010

  • Portraitbild von Andreas Meyer

    Andreas Meyer

    Extension: -2010

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