Climate Adaptation

Climate Adaptation

The global climate crises will have far-reaching consequences for the environment, economy and human health if we do not succeed in counteracting them. What is needed is a preventative policy with measures to adapt to the already unavoidable consequences.

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Latest on Climate Adaptation

Flagge mit COP28-Logo vor blauem Himmel
Press International | 13.12.23

COP28: Transition away from fossil fuels

At COP28 in Dubai, the global community agreed for the first time to move away from oil, gas and coal. Other goals agreed include tripling global renewable energy capacity and doubling the rate of energy efficiency by 2030.

Bundesumwelt- und Verbraucherschutzministerin Steffi Lemke
Report Climate adaptation | 13.12.23

Statement by Steffi Lemke on the conclusion of COP28

The COP28 world climate conference in Dubai has come to an end with a unanimously adopted final declaration. Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke commented on this successful conclusion.

Ausblick über Landschaft mit dichtem Baumbewuchs
Press International | 04.12.23

COP28: How to strengthen global natural climate action?

Ministers and high-level state representatives discussed barriers and opportunities for enhancing political leadership and implementation of at-scale nature-based solutions ahead of the conclusion of the first Global Stocktake.

Flagge mit COP28-Logo vor blauem Himmel
Press International | 29.11.23

Germany at the Climate Change Conference

The 28th Climate Change Conference (COP28) takes place in Dubai under the presidency of the United Arab Emirates.

Steffi Lemkes und Herr Huang RunQiu schütteln sich die Hand vor einer Fotowand
Press International | 01.11.23

Sino-German Environment Forum generates momentum

Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke praised the results of the 7th Sino-German Environment Forum held in Taicang, China.

Steffi Lemke und eine Frau in der Menschenmenge
Press International | 28.07.23

High and lows at the meeting of the G20

For the first time, the G20 devoted special attention to forest conservation. The ministers agreed on better cooperation to protect water and combat global plastic pollution.

Illustration einer Weltkugel mit Fokus auf Europa
Press International | 25.07.23

Steffi Lemke strengthens environmental cooperation with India

The ministers will discuss the climate, biodiversity conservation, marine protection, water supply and circular economy and agree joint goals.

Stadtviertel mit viel sonniger Grünfläche aus Vogelperspektive
Press Climate adaptation | 13.07.23

German government adopts climate adaptation law

The law creates the first strategic framework for precautionary climate adaptation on all administrative levels in Germany.

Press International | 16.04.23

G7 countries set ambitious goals for environmental protection

The meeting of the G7 environment, climate and energy ministers concluded with a communiqué that sends a strong message in the fight against biodiversity loss, plastic pollution and the climate crisis.

Press Mobility | 28.03.23

EU member states pave way for zero-emission cars from 2035

The new regulation of the CO2 fleet limits decided by the EU member states in Brussels is a great step forward for European climate protection.

Press Water & Waste & Soil | 24.03.23

Foundations laid for reversal in global water trends

The World Water Conference in New York was a milestone in international water policy. The central outcome is a global action agenda for water, which includes over 660 voluntary commitments so far.

Wasser fließt in eine Hand
Press Water & Waste & Soil | 22.03.23

World Water Day 2023: For a reversal in global water policy

This year's International World Water Day is about accelerating change. Federal Environment Minister Lemke is attending the conference in New York on behalf of the German government.

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