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Species Protection

Species Protection

Currently, more than 41,000 species are threatened with extinction worldwide.
Learn about the measures we can take to stop the loss of species and preserve the diversity of plants and animals and their habitats.

Roter Schmetterling auf den weißen Blüten eines Obstbaumes
  • Cites Schriftzug in Großbuchstaben, Buchstaben ausgefüllt mt Fotos unterschiedlicher Spezien


    Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

  • Nashorn in afrikanischer Savanne – Mutter mit Jungtier
  • Schwarzstorch sucht in Ufernähe nach Nahrung

    Bonn Convention

    Conservation of migratory species

Latest on Species Protection

Steffi Lemke und eine Frau in der Menschenmenge
Press International | 28.07.23

High and lows at the meeting of the G20

For the first time, the G20 devoted special attention to forest conservation. The ministers agreed on better cooperation to protect water and combat global plastic pollution.

Press International | 19.12.22

Montreal moment for nature

The 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP 15) adopts new global biodiversity framework aimed at halting the destruction of nature and reversing biodiversity loss.

Regenwald wird abgeholzt
Press International | 17.12.22

Germany and Colombia launch implementation initiative

Global partnership aims to support countries in the swift implementation of new global biodiversity targets.

Panorama über den Titicacasee zwischen den schwimmenden Dörfer
Press International | 15.12.22

Germany supports indigenous peoples and local communities

Halting species extinction and restoring ecosystems will only succeed if indigenous peoples and local communities are given a key role in conservation.

Policy-making in dialogue

Good environmental and consumer protection policies are achieved when they are a joint endeavour. Get in touch with us, or get involved through one of our options for dialogue.