National Hydrogen Strategy

Schematische Darstellung der Verwandlung von Strom in Wasserstoff

Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy

Hydrogen produced on the basis of renewable energies, also called green hydrogen, and its reaction products offer the opportunity to promote climate action in those areas in which there are no technological alternatives or more efficient solutions for decarbonisation, such as the steel industry or aviation. The national hydrogen strategy will provide a double boost to Germany - to its climate action measures and to the sustainable development of its industry. The production of green hydrogen deals well with fluctuating electricity volumes from green power plants and can thus play a key role in completing Germany’s energy transition. 

Who supports green hydrogen?

The Federal Environment Ministry has worked to ensure that the strategy is oriented towards the funding of "green hydrogen", that its energy demand must be met by the additional provision of electricity from renewable energy sources and that it must focus on applications such as industry, aviation and maritime shipping due to their climate action potential. Sustainable and effective climate action will only work in the long run with hydrogen generated 100 percent from renewable energies. To this end, the Action Programme, which is part of the National Hydrogen Strategy, comprises measures to establish a green hydrogen economy in Germany and abroad.

The Federal Environment Ministry already supports innovative hydrogen-based climate technologies to avoid process emissions in energy intensive industries. More support measures are in preparation.

EU hydrogen strategy

The European Commission published a European hydrogen strategy for a climate neutral Europe on 8 July 2020. This is to demonstrate synergy effects with the EU Strategy for Energy System Integration announced on the same day and to join the various fields of action, from research and innovation to production, infrastructure and international initiatives.

Last updated: 09.07.2020

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