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International environmental policy is particularly important in times of increasing globalization and covers a number of issues: climate protection, sustainable energy policy, preservation of biological diversity and the conservation of forests, seas and soils. Further related topics are desertification, sustainable waste management and protection against hazardous substances. Nearly all these issues need overarching strategies to ensure that environmental protection is considered in other policy areas.
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Latest on International

Steffi Lemke und eine Frau in der Menschenmenge
Press International | 28.07.23

High and lows at the meeting of the G20

For the first time, the G20 devoted special attention to forest conservation. The ministers agreed on better cooperation to protect water and combat global plastic pollution.

Illustration einer Weltkugel mit Fokus auf Europa
Press International | 25.07.23

Steffi Lemke strengthens environmental cooperation with India

The ministers will discuss the climate, biodiversity conservation, marine protection, water supply and circular economy and agree joint goals.

Press International | 16.04.23

G7 countries set ambitious goals for environmental protection

The meeting of the G7 environment, climate and energy ministers concluded with a communiqué that sends a strong message in the fight against biodiversity loss, plastic pollution and the climate crisis.

Press International | 24.03.23

Foundations laid for reversal in global water trends

The World Water Conference in New York was a milestone in international water policy. The central outcome is a global action agenda for water, which includes over 660 voluntary commitments so far.

Wasser fließt in eine Hand
Press International | 22.03.23

World Water Day 2023: For a reversal in global water policy

This year's International World Water Day is about accelerating change. Federal Environment Minister Lemke is attending the conference in New York on behalf of the German government.

Press Marine Conservation | 06.03.23

Historic breakthrough on ocean protection

The international community successfully concluded negotiations for a new treaty to protect the world's oceans at an intergovernmental conference in New York on Saturday evening.

Press International | 19.12.22

Montreal moment for nature

The 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP 15) adopts new global biodiversity framework aimed at halting the destruction of nature and reversing biodiversity loss.

Regenwald wird abgeholzt
Press International | 17.12.22

Germany and Colombia launch implementation initiative

Global partnership aims to support countries in the swift implementation of new global biodiversity targets.

Press Marine Conservation | 16.12.22

Intact oceans are prerequisite for protecting biodiversity and climate

Marine protection and nature-friendly use of the oceans are also a priority at the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montréal, Canada. Over 70 percent of our planet is covered by ocean.

Panorama über den Titicacasee zwischen den schwimmenden Dörfer
Press International | 15.12.22

Germany supports indigenous peoples and local communities

Halting species extinction and restoring ecosystems will only succeed if indigenous peoples and local communities are given a key role in conservation.

Steffi Lemke bei der Weltnaturkonferenz in Montreal
Press Nature and Biological Diversity | 15.12.22

Incorporating nature conservation into into corporate decisions

Federal Environment Ministry supports a project for nature-related risk management and disclosure practices in developing and emerging countries with 29 million euros.

Press International | 14.12.22

Homestretch for the UN Biodiversity Conference

Concluding round of political negotiations at the CBD COP 15 in Montréal starts with the aim of stopping biodiversity loss.


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