The megatrends of our time are digitalisation, globalisation and climate change. They are changing the lives of all people. Digitalisation needs a set of rules. Only then can it become a driver of opportunities for prosperity, fairness and the environment. Environmental action must be incorporated into every algorithm.
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Code4Green: European environmental data hackathon

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Svenja Schulze
Press Digitalisation | 10.09.20

What is the climate footprint of video streaming?

Current data from the Federal Environment Agency on the environmental impact of cloud services makes it possible to calculate the carbon footprint of data-intensive services more realistically than in the past.

Press Digitalisation | 14.07.20

European winners of the BMU Code4Green hackathon

80 participants from 15 European countries competed in the Code4Green environmental data hackathon. They developed data-driven solutions and business models designed to benefit climate action.

Press Digitalisation | 07.11.18

Code4Green: 1st BMU Sustainability Hack

Over a 24 hours period, 65 young professionals researched and developed prototypes for digital applications and business models. For this purpose, the ministry provided the professionals with data on circular economy and air pollu

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