Environmental Technology Atlas for Germany

Environmental Technology Atlas for Germany

Companies from the environmental-technology and resource-efficiency sector were able to register for an entry in the Environmental Technology Atlas 4.0 until 13 April 2015. 

Approximately 2000 companies used the opportunity for an entry in the previous edition of the atlas to present their products, processes and services and to use it as a networking basis for joint customer acquisition and project cooperation.

Encouraged by the high demand for the German Environmental Technology Atlas 3.0, which has already become a standard reference book for the environmental technology sector, the new edition will once again present the latest achievements of one of the most innovative sectors of industry in Germany.

The environmental technology sector plays an outstanding role in environmentally sound growth, is a driver for securing jobs and contributes directly to the development of key technologies. "GreenTech made in Germany" is a trademark for a high performance and future oriented export economy, which is internationally in demand and held in high esteem due to its immense innovative power and customer-oriented business conduct.

The online survey was conducted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

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