Soil Conservation

Soil Conservation

Soil is an indispensable foundation of life for humans, animals and plants. It provides foodstuffs and raw materials, stores and filters water and decomposes contaminants. It offers areas for settlement, transport and leisure activities and is an archive of natural and cultural history. However, soil cannot fulfil all these functions at the same time. In addition, some of these functions are hampered by pollution, erosion, decreasing humus layers and compaction.

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Latest on Soil Conservation

Panorama des Stuerschen Sees
Press Nature and Biological Diversity | 02.02.22

Worldwide protection for wetlands and peatlands

The BMUV supports the protection of wetlands and peatlands as important diverse ecosystems that benefit the climate and nature conservation efforts.

Press Climate | 03.06.21

Germany needs an overall nitrogen target

Excess nitrogen emissions are one of the most pressing yet most neglected of global environmental problems.

Junge Pflanze, deren Wurzeln in den Boden ragen
Press Soil Conservation | 30.11.20

New research and strategies for PFAS

During the virtual two-day conference, European experts will exchange views on how PFAS deals with environmental pollution.

Press Water & Waste & Soil | 13.06.19

Fertilizer Ordinance will be coordinated with Brussels

Protecting the groundwater is a top priority for the German government. Therefore it is important to prevent too much nitrate entering the soil via fertilisers.

Impressionen von der Sitzung der XV. Alpenkonferenz.
Press Alpine Convention | 04.04.19

XV. Alpine Conference

The outcomes of the XV. Alpine Conference in Innsbruck include increased cooperation on climate action and soil protection in the Alpine region. The BMU will chair the newly created working group on soil protection.

Press Soil Conservation | 05.12.18

Peatland conservation is essential for climate action

Intact soils, in particular in peat bog areas, play an important role in global climate action solutions. The World Soil Day on 5 December raises awareness of this fact. The topic also plays an important role at COP24 this year.

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