Noise considerably impairs quality of life for many people. Main sources are motor vehicles, trains and aircraft, but also industrial and commercial facilities. Exposure to high levels of noise is not just disturbing or annoying, it may also lead to significant health risks in particular with regard to the cardio-vascular system. Noise is a relevant problem in society. The exposure of the population to noise must be reduced.

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Press Mobility | 28.03.23

EU member states pave way for zero-emission cars from 2035

The new regulation of the CO2 fleet limits decided by the EU member states in Brussels is a great step forward for European climate protection.

Press Marine Conservation | 20.10.21

HELCOM adopts 10-year plan for the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea Action Plan focuses in particular on activities against pollution of the Baltic Sea.

Public Viewing Fussball
Press Noise | 02.04.14

Public viewing for 2014 FIFA World Cup

At the 2014 World Cup, despite the late kick-off times, there will be an opportunity to watch the games on big screens in the open air.

Press Noise | 16.02.11

German cabinet adopts act on special provisions for noise caused by children

Minister Röttgen: a sign of a child-friendly society

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