Wertschätzen statt Wegwerfen

01.09.2023 | Brochure | No. 10042
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Concepts and ideas for waste avoidance

When we no longer need something, we throw it away. The result: According to the United Nations Environment Program, over seven billion tons of waste are generated worldwide every year, of which over two billion tons are municipal waste. Every kilogram of waste was initially a raw material that was taken from nature and then became a product using energy, water, air and human labor.

There is no patent recipe for successful waste avoidance. Accordingly, not only measures that target individual products or areas are required, but also overarching concepts that can be applied as comprehensively as possible. This brochure is intended to offer concrete ideas and decision-making aids on how waste can be avoided. It wants to support an active dialogue in society on the topic of waste prevention.

Publication Type: Brochure
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Pages: 52
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Publication number: 10042
Language: German

Policy-making in dialogue

Good environmental and consumer protection policies are achieved when they are a joint endeavour. Get in touch with us, or get involved through one of our options for dialogue.