New provisions on protection against electromagnetic fields enter into force

The new provisions on electromagnetic fields and the proof procedure under telecommunications law will enter into force on 22 August 2013. The ordinance amending the existing provisions has now been adopted by the Federal Government with the consent of the Bundestag and Bundesrat and contains in particular regulations on precautionary health protection.

The goal of the ordinance is to protect human health and prevent potential health risks arising from electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. The new provisions include, for instance, limit values for electromagnetic fields generated by mobile communications antennas. They also cover other uses of electrical energy that are associated with low-frequency electrical or magnetic fields, such as electricity transmission.

The amended ordinance on electromagnetic fields and the proof procedure under telecommunications law (26th BImSchV and BEMFV) adapts the applicable provisions to the latest technological and scientific knowledge. For example, the ordinance now includes provisions on high-voltage direct current transmission systems (HVDC systems) - a new technology which is used for electricity grid expansion and for which there had previously been no regulations.

Other important amendments include the provisions on precautionary health protection. New electricity lines may no longer pass over residential buildings, and electrical and magnetic fields have to be minimised in electricity grid expansion. In contrast to earlier legislation, these provisions now cover private and governmental installations as well as commercial radio-communication systems.

21.08.2013 | Press release No. 124/13 | Radiological Protection