Global debate on carbon pricing gaining momentum

Flasbarth auf der Veranstaltung zu CO2-Bepreisung
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Sequence number: No. 185/19
Topic: Climate
Publisher: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Minister: Svenja Schulze
Term of office: 14.03.2018 - 08.12.2021
19th Leg. period: 14.03.2018 - 08.12.2021
The Carbon Pricing Week takes place in Berlin. Representatives of leading countries discuss strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Pricing Week in Berlin from 21 to 25 October 2019

An international carbon pricing week is currently underway in Berlin. During this week representatives of over 50 countries and regions are participating in the annual meetings of the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) and International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) initiatives at the invitation of the Federal Environment Ministry. The highlight of the week will be a high-level event on Wednesday that will focus on The Role of Carbon Pricing on the Road to Greenhouse Gas Neutrality. Representatives of countries important for international climate policy will exchange views on their experiences with carbon pricing instruments and develop new approaches for the efficient reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze commented: "The debate on carbon pricing is gaining momentum globally. More than 28 countries and regions have now introduced an emissions trading scheme and 29 more countries are levying a carbon charge, mostly at national level, to reduce their emissions. I am certain that the number of countries that recognise the benefits of carbon pricing will continue to grow. When it comes to carbon pricing, no one can say that Germany is acting alone."

Carbon Pricing Week was launched yesterday with the two-day annual meeting of the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP). This years’ meeting is focussing on the competitive effects of emissions trading schemes. The key question being looked at here is what instruments can be used to make emissions trading schemes more ambitious while at the same time avoiding shifting emissions abroad, a process referred to as carbon leakage.

Tomorrow, on 23 October 2019, a high-level event will be held in the Federal Environment Ministry entitled The Role of Carbon Pricing on the Road to Greenhouse Gas Neutrality. Important countries that are leading the way in carbon pricing policy will meet with industry and trade union associations, NGOs and research institutes to discuss the social and economic aspects of carbon pricing policy to achieve climate neutrality.

In the second half of the week, members of the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) will meet and present the results of their work on the introduction of market-based instruments.

22.10.2019 | Press release No. 185/19 | Climate
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