German cabinet adopts act on special provisions for noise caused by children

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Sequence number: No. 027/11
Topic: Noise
Publisher: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety
Minister: Norbert Röttgen
Term of office: 28.10.2009 - 22.05.2012
17th Leg. period: 28.10.2009 - 17.12.2013
Minister Röttgen: a sign of a child-friendly society

Minister Röttgen: a sign of a child-friendly society

Today the German cabinet adopted a draft act presented by the Federal Environment Ministry on special provisions for noise caused by children at childcare centres and play areas. "This act, which establishes special provisions for noise caused by children, sends a clear signal in support of a child-friendly society. A certain degree of tolerance for such noise can be expected from society. It is not acceptable to treat noise caused by children in the same way as noise caused by industrial installations", commented Minister Röttgen.

The aim of this act is to further develop existing noise protection law. An amendment to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) will ensure that noise caused by children at childcare centres, play areas and at other such establishments is generally not classified as having "harmful effects on the environment". Additionally, when assessing the impact of such noise the immission limit values and target values such as those applicable to industrial installations and sport centres must not be applied as they do not reflect the tolerance that can be expected regarding noise caused by children.

Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) intends to amend the Federal Land Utilisation Ordinance (Baunutzungsverordnung) as part of the upcoming revision of building planning law. The aim is to permit childcare establishments in purely residential areas as a rule on a scale appropriate to meeting local demands. "I welcome this amendment to the Federal Land Utilisation Ordinance. It contributes to facilitating the necessary expansion of childcare facilities", noted Minister Röttgen.

16.02.2011 | Press release No. 027/11 | Noise
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