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Sequence number: No. 230/19
Topic: National Climate Initiative
Publisher: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Minister: Svenja Schulze
Term of office: 14.03.2018 - 08.12.2021
19th Leg. period: 14.03.2018 - 08.12.2021
In the European Climate Initiative's (EUKI) third call for projects, 18 new projects have been selected for funding. The projects cover areas such as municipal climate action, sustainable transport and climate-friendly tourism.

In the European Climate Initiative’s (EUKI) third call for projects, 18 new projects have been selected for funding. Non-profit organisations submitted innovative and transboundary ideas for climate action in the European Union (EU). The projects cover areas such as municipal climate action, sustainable transport, climate-friendly tourism and combating fuel poverty. The total number of EUKI projects has thus risen to 82.

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze commented: "Since its launch in 2017, EUKI has become a successful funding instrument to strengthen European cooperation. Organisations from all over Europe submitted 114 proposals, from which we selected 18 new projects. The wide range of projects and organisations and the innovative ideas give us hope for climate action in Europe."

EUKI projects include municipal energy management, pedestrian-friendly streets, sustainable corporate guidelines, climate marketing models and fair structural change. One project supports electric mobility in Poland and Germany by developing ideas for sustainable urban transport. The project aims at establishing a multi-stakeholder platform for cooperation to promote mutual learning under the lead of Forum Energii. Six new projects were selected with a focus on energy, three each in the areas climate policy, buildings and municipalities and mobility, and one project each for awareness and sustainable economy.

EUKI is now funding projects in 25 EU countries. Malta is included in this list for the first time with the organisation Health Care Without Harm Europe, which aims to save CO2 emissions in the health sectors of various Mediterranean countries.

With the launch of the projects selected during the third call for ideas, the EUKI community is growing. Forty-five non-governmental organisations, educational and research institutes, municipalities and non-profit organisations take part in the projects. Implementation agencies and their partners include municipal energy agencies from Riga and Tartu, foundations such as the Czech Frank Bold Society and organisations such as the Network of Sustainable Greek Islands (DAFNI), Energy Cities and the WWF. The European Climate Initiative is now cooperating with more than 160 partners.

04.12.2019 | Press release No. 230/19 | National Climate Initiative
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