EU steps up level of ambition on climate action

During the COP27, the EU agreed on new climate protection targets for forests and soils by 2030.

Agreement in trilogue on Land Use Regulation in the Fit for 55 package results in greater GHG cuts

The EU has agreed on new climate targets for forests and soils up to 2030 during COP 27. To this end, the EU Land Use (LULUCF) Regulation has been adapted in the trilogue procedure between the Council and the European Parliament to meet the more ambitious EU climate target (at least 55% cut in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 1990).
The EU’s new climate target for forests and soils, in tandem with the other elements of the Fit for 55 package, now means that the EU can go further than its previous climate target. Rather than the previously announced 55% reduction in GHG emissions (from 1990) which had been communicated to the United Nations, 57% is now possible. In this way, the EU is placing its climate targets on a robust platform and living up to its role as a pioneer. The current legislative procedures for the Fit for 55 package need to be finished before the EU can formally announce a higher target.

11.11.2022 | Press release No. 155/22 | Europe
Joint press release with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection