Board of trustees of the Endlager Konrad Stiftungsgesellschaft mbH

The objective of Endlager Konrad Stiftungsgesellschaft mbH is to promote and strengthen a spirit of community and commitment among citizens, in particular in the city of Salzgitter, but also in the neighbouring municipalities of Lengede and Vechelde. The foundation serves exclusively and directly public-benefit purposes within the meaning of the chapter on tax-privileged purposes of the German Fiscal Code by supporting the general public in the areas of education, climate action, arts and culture, youth assistance, sports and science. The main responsibility of the board of trustees is to oversee proper operation of Endlager Konrad Stiftungsgesellschaft mbH. In addition to its monitoring function, the board of trustees, which is essentially the equivalent of a supervisory board, also decides on the individual public-benefit projects to be promoted by the foundation.


(Last updated: July 2024)

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Last updated: 03.07.2024

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