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Federal Climate Change Act

In view of the great challenge posed by climate change to present and future generations, Germany has been pressing for ambitious climate targets at the international climate negotiations in Paris and in the European framework. Against this backdrop, the coalition agreement also reaffirms the German, European and international climate targets and the sectoral targets for 2030 that are defined in the 2050 Climate Action Plan.

Intensified climate action is needed to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions on the required scale and avert severe strains on the federal budget. Besides individual measures in all sectors, an overarching framework is required for this purpose. The legally prescribed climate targets and the emission allocations to the various sectors serve to render the required greenhouse-gas reductions foreseeable. This clear statutory regime guarantees planning certainty. On the basis of the sectoral targets in the Climate Action Plan, responsibility for compliance is also clearly assigned within the individual sectors of the economy. This will ensure that the climate targets for 2030 that are set in the coalition agreement will be achieved and the European requirements met.

Update Date: 09.10.2019


Climate | 09.10.19

Schulze: Climate action becomes law!

The Federal Cabinet has introduced a climate protection law that provides for legally binding climate protection targets for each year and each individual economic sector.