Act on Protection against the Harmful Effects of Ionising Radiation

Radiation Protection Act

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On 3 July, the Radiation Protection Act (Strahlenschutzgesetz) was promulgated in the Federal Law Gazette as Article 1 of the Act on restructuring the legal framework on protection against the harmful effects of ionising radiation (Gesetz zur Neuordnung des Rechts vor der schädlichen Wirkung ionisierender Strahlung). Among other things, the act improves the radiological emergency preparedness of the federal and state governments and addresses protection against the naturally occurring radioactive noble gas radon in indoor spaces.

The Act on restructuring was passed by the German Bundestag with the consent of the Bundesrat in line with the recommendation of the Environment Committee. The act largely corresponds to the draft act, adopted by the German government on the basis of a proposal by the BMU, and to a number of amendments proposed in the Bundesrat's statement, which the government agreed to in its response. The reasoning for the draft as a whole, the individual provisions of the Radiation Protection Act and the ancillary amendments to other legislation can be found in the Bundestag printed paper posted here.

Update Date: 27.06.2017

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