Annual reports on end-of-life vehicle reuse/recycling/recovery rates in Germany

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According to Article 7 paragraph 2 subparagraph 3 of ELV-Directive 2000/53/EC in conjunction with Article 3 paragraph 1 of Commission Decision 2005/293/EC on the monitoring of the reuse/recovery/recycling targets on end-of-life vehicles (ELVs), the tables set out in the Annex to this Decision have to be completed on an annual basis, and have to be sent to the European Commission (within 18 months of the end of the relevant year). Moreover, according to Article 1 paragraph 1 subparagraph 2 of COM-Decision 2005/293/EC an appropriate description of the data used (Quality Report) has to be sent to the Commission.

The joint annual reports presented by the German Environment Agency and the Federal Ministry for the Environment particularly contain in each case not only the completed tables but also the Quality Report.

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