Ordinance Concerning Prepayments for the Erection of Federal Facilities for the Long-Term Engineered Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Repository Prepayment Ordinance

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Repository Prepayment Ordinance of 28 April 1982 (Federal Law Gazette I, page 562) as last amended by Section 2 of the Act of 7 December 2020 (Federal Law Gazette I, page 2760).

Pursuant to Section 9a (3) of the AtG, the federal government is tasked with establishing a repository for radioactive waste. In accordance with the polluter pays principle, the necessary costs for establishing a repository must be met by contributions from those who will later deliver radioactive waste they have generated to the repository (Section 21b of the AtG).

Since expenses for the federal government will begin with the construction of a repository, but contributions can only be levied following completed construction, the act provides for the levy of advance payments against future contributions.

In accordance with the authorisation in Section 21b (2) and (3) of the AtG, the EndlagerVIV governs the levy of advance payments for covering necessary expenses for the establishment of repositories for radioactive waste.

The EndlagerVIV provides for the review and, if needed, the amendment of its stipulations. The purpose of the last amendment in 2004 was to optimise the fairness of the payment collection procedure and to more firmly apply the polluter pays principle. This amendment should improve the fairness and equal distribution of the payments.

Update Date: 22.12.2022

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