Today, the earth's resources are being used at a faster rate than ever before. And that is happening despite the fact that often those resources are finite. We only have this one world. We need to keep it inhabitable for everyone for a long time to come. The environment is the primary limiting factor in the concept of sustainability - not only at national but also at international level.

Latest on Sustainability


Europe | 20.12.21

New Federal Government attends EU Environment Council in Brussels

In Brussels, Federal Minister Steffi Lemke took part in the EU Environment Council for the first time. Topics were the Fitfor55 package and forest protection in international supply chains.
Ministry | 09.12.21

Steffi Lemke new Federal Environment and Consumer Protection Minister

Steffi Lemke takes office as Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV). She takes over the office from her predecessor Svenja Schulze.
Europe | 23.11.21

6th call for European climate project ideas

Proposals from Europe can be submitted until 12 January 2022.
COP 26 | 14.11.21

High standards for global trade in greenhouse gas emission reductions

The Parties to the Paris Agreement have agreed on new market mechanisms for the transfer of greenhouse gas reductions from climate protection projects.

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