Nuclear Safety · Radiological Protection

Nuclear Safety

Kontrollraum eines russischen Kernkraftwerks

The framework conditions for the use of nuclear energy in the Federal Republic of Germany are stipulated in the Basic Law and the Atomic Energy Act. Following the events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant the framework conditions to phase out nuclear power for the commercial generation of electricity in Germany were further specified by the 13th Act amending the Atomic Energy Act. With the amended Atomic Energy Act entering into force, eight nuclear power plants immediately forfeited their operating licenses.

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Repository projects

With the use of radioactive materials in industry, medicine and research or as fuel for nuclear reactors there is also the obligation to ensure the safe and environmentally sound disposal of radioactive waste and irradiated fuel. Especially against the background of temporal dimensions, for example, the financial security of dismantling and decommissioning as well as the final disposal of radioactive waste is a very important topic.

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Radiological protection

People have always lived in natural radiation fields. Radiation originates from space and from naturally radioactive substances in the air, in water and in the soil. In addition to these natural sources of radiation people are also exposed to other forms of radiation in today's technological age – both can be harmful to humans and to the environment. Therefore, limit values are set to avoid any verifiable damage.

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