We come into contact with chemicals every day. They make our lives easier, but they also can pose a threat to human health and the environment. Substances which accumulate in the human body, animals and plants and which are dispersed by air water or passed on through the food chain are particularly hazardous.

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Chemicals | 07.07.21

International Berlin Forum on Chemicals and Sustainability

Improperly disposed of e-waste leads to health hazards for children, especially in developing countries. This is why there must be a greater focus on the responsible handling of chemicals and waste.
Chemicals | 16.07.20

BMU and VCI develop new methods for measuring 50 chemicals

In the human biomonitoring project, the selection of 50 substances has been completed, for which measurement methods are being developed for the first time.
Chemicals | 11.09.19

Cooperation between BMU and VCI extended

The Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) and the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) have been working on the further development of human biomonitoring since 2010. The cooperation has now been extended until 2025.
Chemicals | 14.03.19

UNEA 4 discusses future of global chemicals management

UNEA 4 is to send an important signal for an improved, environmentally sound chemicals management worldwide. The BMU invited political decision-makers and experts from around the globe to discuss this topic.
Chemicals | 16.07.18

Human Biomonitoring on the home stretch

The BMU and the Chemical Association VCI are consistently working on the realization of a joint human biomonitoring project. It should provide new methods to measure 50 substances in the human body.
Nanotechnology | 07.06.18

"We need uniform rules for nanomaterials and nanoproducts."

The 12th International Nano-Authorities Dialogue takes place in Berlin under the heading “Regulation of nanomaterials”. Major topic is the need for regulating advanced nanomaterials.