A clean, healthy and diverse environment is the prerequisite for prosperity and well-being for everyone in Europe. Therefore, approximately 80 per cent of the environmental policies applicable in Germany are made by the EU Commission, the EU Parliament and the Council. Effective environmental protection also requires reasonable coordination of environmental with economic, transport and agricultural policies.

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Mobility | 28.03.23

EU member states pave way for zero-emission cars from 2035

The new regulation of the CO2 fleet limits decided by the EU member states in Brussels is a great step forward for European climate protection.
Verbraucherschutz | 17.12.22

Repairability clearly visible on new EU energy label

The European Commission, in cooperation with the EU member states, has decided to introduce an EU energy label for smartphones and tablets. For the first time, the label will also feature a repairability index.
Europe | 09.12.22

Federal Environment Ministry supports Ukraine with emergency aid

The Federal Environment Ministry and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London created a new financing framework to provide 20 million euros for emergency aid in Ukraine.
Marine Water Management | 30.11.22

Improved protection of Wadden Sea World Heritage

At the end of the Wadden Sea Conference in Wilhelmshaven, a new integrated Wadden Sea plan was adopted and a trilaterally coordinated research program initiated.
Consumption and Products | 18.11.22

Smartphones and tablets will be easier to repair in future

With New Ecodesign requirements, manufacturers of certain product groups must now provide spare parts and repair information and ensure software updates.
Europe | 11.11.22

EU steps up level of ambition on climate action

During the COP27, the EU agreed on new climate protection targets for forests and soils by 2030.
Nature/Biological Diversity | 24.10.22

Strong signal from the EU for the UN Biodiversity Conference

At the EU Environment Council, Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke successfully advocated an ambitious role for the EU at the forthcoming World Conference on Nature (CBD COP 15) in Montreal.
Climate | 29.06.22

For a climate-neutral European economy

One of the most comprehensive climate protection packages in the history of the EU was launched in Luxembourg. The basis for this is the "Fit for 55 package" of the EU Commission.
Nature/Biological Diversity | 28.06.22

EU Environment Council votes for deforestation-free supply chains

New rules are intended to prevent timber, coffee, cocoa, palm oil, beef, soy and derivative products from entering the EU internal market in future if their production has caused deforestation.
International | 03.06.22

Lemke: "We must jointly resolve the planet’s triple crisis"

The countries of the world must increase their efforts in the fight for more environmental, nature and climate protection, urges Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke at the end of the UN Conference Stockholm+50.
Europe | 17.03.22

Germany supports phasing out combustion engines by 2035

Germany supports the European Commission’s proposal to limit new registrations of cars and vans to zero-emissions vehicles from 2035 onwards.
Circular Economy | 17.03.22

New rules for more sustainable batteries

The regulation is intended to ensure the sustainable use of batteries along the entire value chain throughout the EU.