General Information

What is the Climate Initiative about?

Climate protection is a global task for society as a whole. Through the Climate Initiative, the Federal Environment Ministry has initiated and supported many projects on emissions reduction, energy efficiency and the expansion of renewable energies both nationally and internationally since 2008. The German government's Climate Initiative is financed with budget funds. Additional means stem from the Special Energy and Climate Fund. Within the framework of the Special Energy and Climate Fund all revenues from emissions trading have been available for measures geared towards transforming the energy system and for domestic and international climate protection since 2012.


The Federal Environment Ministry's National Climate Initiative contributes to a successful transformation of the energy system. Existing potential for emissions reduction is tapped in a cost-effective way and innovative programmes and projects for climate protection are promoted. This paves the way to reaching the ambitious national climate protection goals stipulated in the Energy Concept: a 40 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany by 2020, a 55 percent reduction by 2030 and an 80-95 percent reduction by 2050, compared to 1990 levels.

At the same time, the International Climate Initiative strengthens Germany’s bilateral cooperation with developing, newly industrialising and transition countries in the field of climate protection and supports the ongoing negotiation process for a comprehensive global climate agreement.