Wir schafft Wunder – Fortschritt sozial und ökologisch gestalten

We want to venture a joint departure and take you on a journey through time to the year 2050. The Federal Environment Ministry has developed nine very concrete visions of the future. They describe what our life, our economy, our work and our consumption could look like in 2050 if we consistently protect the climate and preserve biological diversity. The BMU is presenting these visions of the future and possible ways forward for discussion in this paper.

The visions for the future drawn up by the Federal Environment Ministry describe a comprehensive social and ecological transformation. A restructuring from which people with small and medium incomes will benefit in particular, and which distributes income and wealth more fairly. Because one thing is clear: environmental protection is only successful if it also answers the social questions. And social justice can only exist in an intact environment. It is a transformation that strengthens the competitiveness of our economy and relies on innovation. It is a transformation in which we consistently pursue the goal of climate neutrality while protecting our flora and fauna and their habitats, thus making us less vulnerable to future cris

Publication Date: 01.07.2020

Publication Type: Brochure

Format: DIN A4

Pages: 48

Editor: BMU

Language: German