Brochure | No. 10043

Masterplan Stadtnatur

Maßnahmenprogramm der Bundesregierung für eine lebendige Stadt

Urban nature is green infrastructure. It makes our cities and communities worth living in, contributes to solving social, economic and ecological problems and can promote health. The coalition agreement for the 19th legislative period therefore stipulates: "In order to increase the diversity of species and biotopes in cities, we want to develop and implement a master plan for the implementation of the White Paper "Green in the City"".

The aim of this master plan is to enhance the value of greenery in our cities with a view to increasing the diversity of native animals and plants. It contains a concrete package of measures to improve the natural resources of our cities and is intended as a contribution to integrated urban development with regard to nature's diverse services for life in populated areas. Where possible, areas should be used multifunctionally. For this reason, the master plan, in line with the national strategy on biological diversity, goes beyond the strict protection of species and biotopes and also contributes to the implementation of the EU strategy on green infrastructure and the German adaptation strategy to the consequences of climate change.

Publication Date: 01.06.2019

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