Brochure | No. 10015

Masterplan-Kommunen: Vorbilder für den Klimaschutz

Praxisbeispiele aus 19 Städten, Gemeinden und Landkreisen

Since 2012, the Federal Ministry for the Environment has promoted climate protection in the so-called master plan municipalities. This is a total of 40 German cities, municipalities and districts, which have set themselves the goal of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050 by 95 percent compared to 1990 and to halve their energy consumption.

How can comprehensive climate protection concepts be designed in different settlement structures – metropolises, medium-sized cities, small municipalities and rural districts? Through best practices, the booklet shows how climate change can work in cities, communities and counties, and in practice.

Publication Date: 01.08.2018

Publication Type: Brochure

Format: DIN A4

Pages: 48

Editor: BMU

Publication number: 10015

Language: German