Brochure | No. 10054

Klimaschutzprogramm 2030

Measures for achieving the 2030 climate targets

Germany has already taken extensive climate action measures and the implementation of the 2030 climate targets has been made a top priority by the German government and the Climate Action Programme. However, to achieve the required CO2 emissions reductions, additional efforts at national level are needed. These have been included in the German government's Climate Action Plan 2050 and have now been further specified in the Climate Action Programme 2030. In 2019, they will be enshrined in law.

To achieve the necessary emissions reductions, the German government has laid down sectoral targets in the Climate Action Plan 2050. The Climate Action Programme 2030 combines sector-specific and cross-sectoral measures. The German government plans to use the Climate Action Programme 2030 to reach the stipulated climate targets through a broad package of measures including innovations, funding, legal standards and requirements and greenhouse gas pricing.

Publication Date: 01.10.2019

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