Brochure | No. 10052

Klimafreundlich wohnen

Planning, building and living with energy-efficient technology

The German government has set itself the long-term goal of a climate-neutral building stock and has already laid down strategic measures for implementation in the Climate Protection Plan 2050. Private homeowners can already make an important contribution to this today. Many modern technologies help to increase the energy efficiency of a house, reduce energy consumption and thus protect the climate and ultimately the wallet. From solar thermal energy and controlled home ventilation to natural insulating materials and passive houses, there are numerous ways to increase the value of your home, improve living comfort and at the same time actively protect the climate.

This not only sounds good in theory, but also works in practice. In this brochure, households report on their experiences with energy-efficient and climate-friendly investments in their homes.

Publication Date: 01.12.2019

Publication Type: Brochure

Format: DIN A4

Pages: 36

Editor: BMU

Publication number: 10052

Language: German