Environmental Information for Products and Services

Among the general public, there is a growing awareness of the environmental impacts of products and escalating demands on companies to take environmental action through their products. As a result, product-related environmental information is becoming ever more important.

The aims of this brochure are to:

  • provide an objective overview of the opportunities and tools for product-related environmental information, with a particular focus on the voluntary approaches available to companies alongside the mandatory information required by law.
  • outline reporting tools available for collating environment-related data over a product’s lifecycle.
  • define the fundamental requirements associated with standardisation and the statutory regulations on product-related environmental information.
  • help companies select a suitable tool for their particular application, and
  • guide consumers through the various different levels.

Publication Date: 01.09.2019

Publication Type: Brochure

Format: DIN A4

Pages: 88

Editor: BMU

Language: English