Biodiversität und Pandemie – Live-Stream

Regenwald gerodet

Nature is sending us a message

Biodiversity loss and wildlife trade as causes of pandemics

The risk that diseases will be transmitted to humans is growing as a result of the advancing destruction of previously intact habitats and growing (often illegal) wildlife trade. Which risks that favour the spread of zoonoses arise from wildlife markets and what needs to be done to minimise these risks? How can we work together with our international partners to combat poaching, curb illegal wildlife trade and conserve or even restore biodiversity and functioning ecosystems? What lessons can we learn from the current coronavirus crisis for a new global biodiversity strategy to help reduce the risk of infectious diseases spreading?

At the international event "Biodiversity loss and wildlife trade as causes of pandemics", Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze will discuss these and other issues with Dr Christoph Heusgen (Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN in New York), John E. Scanlon (special envoy African Parks, former CITES Secretary-General), Prof. Simone Sommer (Director, Institute of Evolutionary Ecology, Ulm University) and Dr Sue Lieberman (Vice President for International Policy, Wildlife Conservation Society).

The international discussion event "Biodiversity loss and wildlife trade as causes of pandemics" will be held on 29 June 2020 from 15:30 to 17:30 (CET) and will be broadcasted live here.