15.07.2021 | Policy papers and background info | Climate

Revision of the Climate Change Act: An ambitious mitigation path to climate neutrality in 2045

On 24 June 2021, the German Bundestag adopted the revised Federal Climate Change Act. This revision became necessary as the result of a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court and the European Union’s new 2030 climate target. The revised Climate Change Act sets higher national mitigation targets for the years 2030 (65 percent) and 2040 (88 percent) and the goal of net climate neutrality by 2045. It also adjusts the maximum permissible annual emission budgets for sectors (for example energy, buildings, transport, industry and agriculture) and lays down annual cross-sectoral mitigation targets between 2030 and 2040. Additionally, the new Act contains provisions on the contribution of the land-use sector (for example peatlands and forests) to climate change mitigation and assigns supplementary tasks to the Council of Experts on Climate Change. The Climate Change Act provides the legal framework for climate policy in Germany. By intensifying efforts to tackle climate change up to 2045 and sharing the burden of these efforts more equitably, it secures the fundamental rights to freedom of younger generations called for by the Federal Constitutional Court.